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Which key factors are essential for a successful M&A-transaction? An article by Dr Kuang-Hua Lin .

“China Update 2016: China on the move” on 24 and 25 October
A 2-day seminar about China’s recent developments after the new economy hype and the current real estate boom (Day 1), and B2B- and B2C business opportunities in China by using eCommerce and WeChat (Day 2).Learn more.

E-commerce in China: New opportunities for European companies.


Human Resources management in China
Current concepts for finding and retaining employees in China. An article by Dr Kuang-Hua Lin in the DCW Yearbook 2016.

10% more salary per year – not a must
In this interview Dr Kuang-Hua Lin provides tips for the HR strategies of foreign companies in China.

Liability risks in China
An article by Dr Kuang-Hua Lin about liability risks in China and effective monitoring instruments. (German article incl. English translation)

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Sminar: What GMs and Line Managers must know About Layoffs - Shanghai

Date:Tuesday, 28. June 2016
Time:18:30 - 20:30
Seminar Fee:RMB 200 (Regular fee) | RMB 100 (for SwissCham Members)
Venue:Swissnex China office (Shanghai) - Room 2210, Building A, Far East International Plaza 319, Xianxia Road上海市仙霞路319号远东国际广场A栋2210室

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What GMs and Line Managers must know About Layoffs

Key Speaker:
Dr. Kuang-Hua Lin is the founder and president of Asia-Pacific Management Consulting GmbH (APMC)


18:30-19:00: Registration

19:00-19:45: Presentation (Dr. Kuang- Hua Lin; President of Asia-Pacific Management Consulting)

  • Common mistakes of GM and Line Managers in firing that even the best HR and Lawyers will not be able to help
  • What to do if mistakes were done?
  • When will you need a good labor law lawyer?
  • When to fire without notice; When to fire with notice; When to negotiate; When to use outplacement service
  • How to avoid problems in the first place?

19:45-20:00: Q&A
20:00-20:30: Networking

Many GMs and Line Managers wrongly believe that they can fire any employee easily if they want. They think that even in case the fired employee wins the labor arbitration and court case, the cost is only to pay double the legally required compensation.
Until mid 2015, this was true, because many employees who won the labor arbitration chose NOT to come back to work, but to receive the double compensation. With the economy slowing down, more and more employees who win the case chose to go back to the employer, and continue to work, instead of taking the compensation.
This results not only in further problems in the company (low work moral, conflicts and disputes), but also in much higher costs (salary/wage payment for the complete absence time, usually at least 6 months, and can be up to 2 years if fought through all courts).
Asia-Pacific Management Consulting GmbH (APMC), with their own HR and legal team, has supported a large number of clients in China with regard to HR and legal issues. In this seminar we will summarize the most common mistakes in firing employees, and the best ways to release your staff with either minimum costs or minimum risk.

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