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M&A in China – lessons from practical experiences
Which key factors are essential for a successful M&A-transaction? An article by Dr Kuang-Hua Lin .

“China Update 2016: China on the move” on 24 and 25 October
A 2-day seminar about China’s recent developments after the new economy hype and the current real estate boom (Day 1), and B2B- and B2C business opportunities in China by using eCommerce and WeChat (Day 2).Learn more.

E-commerce in China: New opportunities for European companies.


Human Resources management in China
Current concepts for finding and retaining employees in China. An article by Dr Kuang-Hua Lin in the DCW Yearbook 2016.

10% more salary per year – not a must
In this interview Dr Kuang-Hua Lin provides tips for the HR strategies of foreign companies in China.

Liability risks in China
An article by Dr Kuang-Hua Lin about liability risks in China and effective monitoring instruments. (German article incl. English translation)

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China has become the world’s largest online sales market and European products are still in high demand.

Hence, there is a massive untapped market potential for European companies in Chinese e-commerce.

But what holds many foreign companies back to engage in the Chinese online market? The reason is that foreign companies need to set up an own subsidiary with a start-up capital of min. Euro 100.000,- in order to receive the license for online shops for their own brands.

As this is a time- and money –consuming process specifically for small and medium enterprises, we worked on a needs-based solution for European companies:

We set up the online platform for foreign companies and enable them to get a faster and more cost-efficient access to the Chinese e-commerce market. Despite the time and cost advantages, the property rights of the online shop stays with the company, which is unlike when dealing with Chinese online platforms. Local providers normally own the websites and webshops even after the termination of the contract.

We also keep the risk for the online business at a low level as the company decides whether it wants to bear the costs and earn the full profit (trust model) or if the strategic partner operates on its own costs and risks (representation model).

We are looking forward to helping you enter the Chinese online market with your quality products.

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