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M&A in China – lessons from practical experiences
Which key factors are essential for a successful M&A-transaction? An article by Dr Kuang-Hua Lin .

“China Update 2016: China on the move” on 24 and 25 October
A 2-day seminar about China’s recent developments after the new economy hype and the current real estate boom (Day 1), and B2B- and B2C business opportunities in China by using eCommerce and WeChat (Day 2).Learn more.

E-commerce in China: New opportunities for European companies.


Human Resources management in China
Current concepts for finding and retaining employees in China. An article by Dr Kuang-Hua Lin in the DCW Yearbook 2016.

10% more salary per year – not a must
In this interview Dr Kuang-Hua Lin provides tips for the HR strategies of foreign companies in China.

Liability risks in China
An article by Dr Kuang-Hua Lin about liability risks in China and effective monitoring instruments. (German article incl. English translation)

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Executive search

First and foremost, your success in Asia depends on the qualifications of those who are responsible for your operations in Asia and the people who work for you in Asia. APMC is specialised in the search, selection and training of specialised staff and executive managers.

Since January 1997, when APMC was founded, we have supported German und European companies in their search for the best executive managers in China and other parts of Asia. Meanwhile, APMC is market leader of this small market niche, which requires intensive know-how:

  • Profound knowledge of the German/European and Asian cultures in order to select "suitable" employees
  • Pinpoint selection and integration of the best candidates with our own data base of over 135,000 qualified candidates (specialised staff and executive managers, locals and expats), as well as branch research, direct marketing throughout Asia
  • Highly qualified candidates seek a new challenge through us, e.g. Managing Directors, General Managers, Sales Managers, Purchasing Managers, Controllers, Production Managers, Engineers, IT-Specialists
  • Careful staff-recommendations, keeping in mind your corporate culture, as well as continuous advice on how to obtain the loyalty of your staff, avoid the typical high fluctuation of personnel in German companies in Asia ( up to 30% in China and India)
  • Presentation of 3 to 5 candidates for each vacancy, generally selected from several hundreds of candidates
  • We prepare your employees for their job in Asia and train Asian employees to ensure smooth integration in the mother company
  • A fixed salary guarantees the presentation of the most suitable candidates, not the most expensive (our fee is independent from this salary, so there is no conflict of interests)
  • German contact people for you both in Germany and in China/Asia

This results in satisfied customers and successful and loyal employees. The well-known problem of high fluctuation of staff does not occur when we are involved. Firstly, because we make the right selection for you, secondly because we advise you which work contract is right and, last but not least, we do not contact the candidates who work for you again in order to offer them a position with a different client. (Unfortunately, this is something many other personnel consultants do after a few years).

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